How to Start Planning? (or at least my method)

Obviously staying organized in college is important. From due dates to exam dates, classes and offices hours to exams, there’s a lot. Personally in high school I never used a planner and I miraculously managed to get through the year. Now I don’t know what I would do without a plan of what I am going to when and where I have to go. So here is the method that I use to organize my life.


My biggest lifesaver has been Google Calendar. At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t use it but now I don’t know how I survived. What I like about google calendar is that you can make a separate calendar for each aspect of your life. So you can make one calendar for classes, another for your gym schedule, and another for personal activities. After you filled all your commitments, then you can go in and fill times to study in between classes. On top of that if someone says are you free at 4:00 Thursday, it is quicker to check your calendar from your phone than to try to remember your schedule off the top of your head


This is honestly just me, but I also use a planner. For me there is something about writing down on your plans on a piece of paper. I use google calendar to be able to pull in on my phone in case. So at the beginning of the semester when I got my syllabi, I filled out when my exams and any quizzes that I have. The planner that I use is a Passion Planner. The thing I like about this planner I can make notes and really brainstorm. So when I think of something, I immediately put it down in my planner where I can easily find it. In addition the Passion Planner, allows me to reflect every month and see my progress on my goals


So here is the method that I use to do organize myself with both of the Google Calendar and my planner. So I always have a basic plan on google calendar with all my classes and office hours. So on Sunday I plan out my assignments (I usually always know when my homework is due before hand). So on Sunday I plan out when I finish my assignments. And every night I double check my Google Calendar and all of tasks and copy it onto my planner. That is my organization and so far it is working.
Obviously everyone is different so make sure you find a plan that works. When you find a organization plan that works for you, it can be a powerful tool.