Personal Training at Rutgers

With so much food at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to eat healthy and prevent weight gain. There’s always worry over the “freshman fifteen” but not much talk about what can be done to prevent it. Organizations such as RU Healthy may push students to go for the greener dining option, but remember that the other key component to a healthy lifestyle is exercise.

Upon entering Rutgers, I became one of freshman fifteen’s victims, and I was truly disappointed in myself because I had lost so much weight for my high school prom just a few months before. This pattern was not new though- I always lose weight then gain it back and lose it again and gain it again, etc. My weight was my number one insecurity, so it’s no surprise that when learning about Rutgers’ fitness and recreational activities, I quickly became interested in personal training.

I could’ve done what I did before- count calories and run everyday- to lose weight, but I signed myself up for personal training to see if it would end this pattern and losing-and-gaining. I thought that if someone was keeping track of my weight, I would feel the pressure of shedding pounds and keeping it off. And I was right.

Not only have I lost 9 pounds in a month, but I lost the struggle in facing temptations. I remind myself to eat for energy rather than satisfaction. When I want seconds in the dining hall, I think of how much my body has improved from training and the urge goes away. Also, I remind myself of the assessments to be done during each training session to get myself to go to the gym.

Personal training at Rutgers does not have to stay in the Rutgers gyms either. The trainers teach you technique and create personalized workouts to be done on your own. I take my trainer’s advice with me to Planet Fitness (in Piscataway) on the weekends because the Rutgers’ gyms tend to be packed and aren’t open 24/7.

Lastly, I love personal training because my personal trainer is awesome. I would assume all of them are just as encouraging. They easily see your limits and are able to push you far enough to see your potential yet not so far that you get discouraged. They are understanding of your busy schedule and make it known that you can talk to them about any problems that come with this lifestyle change- and they’ll change up your program accordingly. There’s no reason to be intimidated around them.

If you are considering doing personal training, especially in light of the new year, I highly recommend it!