“I live in the Honors College”

This is going to be one of my more personal posts, but I’d like to speak on something on behalf of the Honors College students.

First of all, the “Honors College” is the body of students with the title and not just the name of the dorm. The Honors College is different from the Honors Program in that there’s an aspect of living with fellow Honors College students for a year and taking part in social entrepreneurship projects.

That being said, I did not ask for the fancy air-conditioned dorm. For those of you who do not know, it is mandatory for us to live there so we can build relationships with our fellow Honors College students. We are expected to be interdisciplinary. Otherwise, we would not be able to be part of the Honors College. After moving in, I fell in love with my new home for its beauty, and well I didn’t have another choice for the year, so it makes me sad that I feel self-conscious when telling people that I live there.

I feel self-conscious because Honors College students apparently get a lot of hate for being called “the best” of Rutgers. I’ve never encountered it, but I hear about this self-consciousness from my peers. Most of us will not even mention that we’re in the Honors College up until you ask us “where do you dorm?” I’m also sure a majority of us do not consider ourselves “the best” at all. We just ended up here by the judgment of Rutgers officials based on the same application everyone else filled out and went with it.

I personally agreed to be part of the Honors College because of the scholarship. College is expensive, and I was not going to turn down $13K for a really good school. I also agreed because of the opportunity. I knew I would have “Honors College” on my diploma which may help in getting me into graduate school (at the time, I was considering medical school).

We did not want to be considered special. We are not prestigious or arrogant, and we do not look down upon students that are not in the Honors College. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Honors College, but it’s because it pushes me to better myself- not because it tells me “I’m the best.”