Turn Your Dreams into a Resolution This Semester

There is something beautiful about an entire culture collectively deciding one night to make a change in their lives for the better. This is the phenomenon of New Years Eve. Everyone decides on a few minor positive alterations that begin with the annual transition (after the hangover subsides, of course.) But why stop at the small changes? Why not reach for something more?


There is this moment that all people experience but very little mention. For a few seconds while we drive our cars, listen to music, or fold laundry, we allow our minds to wander into our wildest desires. Whether it is accepting an award, walking a runway, or creating an amazing masterpiece to show the world, our daydreams reveal our true desires in spurts of split-second fantasies.


When it comes to resolutions around the New Year, most aim towards tiny goals. Yes, losing a few pounds or staying organized or saving money better are all positive changes. But on this annual holiday, why not make our wildest daydreams the goals we strive for in 2017? Forget the fad diets and money apps and closet organizers. Use this semester to turn your dreams into a reality resolution!