2016 is finally over and in my opinion it’s been a roller coaster. From the presidential election to Rutgers 250th anniversary, and personally graduating high school and moving on to college, 2016 has been so memorable as well as long and many other adjectives.

But it is also important to look back and reflect on all your accomplishments. This is where metacognition comes into play. Instead of setting new goals for yourself (like many people do during New Years) and not fulfill them, you will feel happier about all that you have already achieved. Personally, when I take the time to think about all that I have accomplished, I start to feel happier and better about myself because I know that I am capable of doing a lot more. In addition, many studies have proven if someone feels happier than he/she will be more successful.

So I can’t really end the blog, without me reflecting back on my life. Over the course of the last year, I learned to simply live in the moment and not overthink and over complicate every little thing in my life. Like whether someone didn’t snapchat me but snapchatted my friend, or why a friend should ‘friend’ me on Facebook. It sounds silly now, but I would really obsess and think that people didn’t like me. But now I stopped caring. Another lesson that I will always take to heart is to try everything because I realized that I only really regret the things that I never do. So this is what I learned.

So rather than create goals that will most likely not stick, just reflect on the past year and feel proud that all that has happened. We all deserve it. So Happy New Year and here’s to 2017.