2017: Resolutions for RU Students

As university students, in various stages of our academic careers, personal goals and individual resolutions shift from person to person. As 2017 fast approaches, it is important to think about the year’s pursuits, whether they are new endeavors or old passions that have been collecting dust in the past months. Each day should be a new day to begin or complete a project; each hour should be a new hour to start or finish a goal. But these idealizations often pass as quickly as the time itself – it becomes too late to act. But to think in the span of a whole year – a track of twelve months – is to think with great force and greater perseverance than mere minutes or days.

As Rutgers students, this is an entirely new year to reclaim old promises; to pursue true passions; to imagine and manifest wants (such as better grades or more involvement on campus) into tangible realities. Here are five helpful suggestions to begin 2017 with a positive mind, body, heart, and attitude.

  1. Each day/week/month (whatever schedule fits your convenience), check in with yourself and your goals. Have I begun my goal? Am I acting according to my plan? Are there any imbalances in my life or current situation? Am I inching closer to achieving what I hope to achieve?


  1. Keep busy and do not waste time. In order to ensure you are being productive, try to work with others who have similar goals as you. Keep a small electronic (or paper) notebook to track your thoughts and ideas as they unravel. If you’re planning to pursue an artistically creative career, this tip may be helpful. If you’re planning to pursue a technology/media-savvy occupation, this suggestion still applies (maybe even more so).


  1. Stay positive by keeping physically active. Jogging, or simply walking, on a daily basis keeps not only the body flexible and mobile, but it also releases endorphins in the brain. Even when pursuits seem to be at a standstill, keep your body moving and healthy to energize the mood of each day.


  1. Allow space for constructive criticism and improvement. Whether you are progressing with ease, difficulty, or moderation with each goal (such as writing more technical papers or adventuring into research opportunities), then allow others to (constructively) criticize your work or actions. Compliments and comments pave way for personal development, leading to success.


  1. Have a relentless attitude when pursuing any goal – whether it is Rutgers-related; academic; personal; familial; etc. Everything takes time and everything demands patience.

In the New Year, set goals that are reasonable, yet far-reaching; transform dreams that are carefully planned, yet spontaneously passionate. Be yourself in all that you do – and your own unique touch will take you far in whatever avenues of action you pursue (in your studies, in your fields of work, and hopefully, in the phases of your life).