So by the time many of you will read this, your finals will be over and winter break will have officially started. So first off congrats on finishing another semester (or your first semester if you have a freshmen) and on getting through finals week.

But winter break is now here and it’s approximately 3 weeks long or to put it in another perspective 504 hours. Personally I think it is important to spend the time wisely and not watch TV all day. My first choice to do would be to get a job or volunteer at some organization. But I did not think of that before hand and yet I still don’t want to waste time. So if anyone is like me, there are 10 things to do over winter break.

  1. Sleep

I think this one is self explanatory. It honestly feels great to wake up without an alarm clock. So if you can, sleep as long as you possibly can.

  1. Spend Time With Family

It is the holidays and many of your families haven’t seen you in a while (unless you are a commuter). So don’t lock yourself in your room all day. This can be from taking a walk for your parents or helping them cook or playing a game with them.

  1. Spend Time With High School Friends

I am sure that many of you had great memories with your high school friends, and it is important to maintain that. So try to plan to meet up at some point. It could even be a lot of fun because you have so much to talk about.

  1. Try a New Hobby or Maintain an Old One

Personally there are many hobbies that interests me that I can never can pursue because I am too worried about failing Chemistry. I’m sure that many other people are like this. So now that there is some time why not use it?

  1. Read a Book

This can be really relaxing and there are many good books out there.

  1. Go to the Gym

This is definitely what I am going to do over break. Before college, I was pretty fit and healthy. But when college started, I could not seem to figure out where to work out. (I do dance, but I couldn’t seem to find a dance studio). On top of that, I had too many meal swipes so I kept eating to finish the swipes. So I think it is a good idea to go to the gym and back in shape.

  1. Finish All Applications

When I started college, I did not realize how many applications there are. There are applications to get positions in clubs, or for internships, or jobs, or summer plans. So I would recommend spending some time and researching what you want to do in the spring semester and over the summer and start filling out the applications.

  1. Buy Textbooks for Next Semester

If you can find your textbooks early, then you might be able to save costs so it might be worth it to start looking early.

  1. Start Looking Over the Material for Next Year

This only really applies if you have an idea of the topics that are covered. If you do research on the course, then you can determine whether you actually like the class or not. On top of that you can determine the difficulty level of the course and whether or not you are prepared for the course. So when add/drop period comes along, you already know if you want to drop it or not.

  1. Relax

`We were stressed all fall semester and will be during spring semester. So it is important to take a mental break and relax and have no stress so be able to handle the next semester. I would recommend meditation if you can or even just taking a walk outside.

So you have 504 hours. Use them wisely.