Decorating for the Holidays

Unfortunately, we have to get through finals before celebrating the holidays. The only thing getting me through this time of the semester is holiday spirit. I celebrate Christmas, so I’ve been listening to Christmas music while I study and planning out what to do when I go to New York later this month (besides seeing the huge tree). My favorite thing done in honor of the holidays was decorating my dorm. My roommate and I were very enthusiastic about this, and we put our decorations up on December 1st. However, it’s not too late to put some holiday spirit into your living space.

I’m sure the first thing that will come to mind is “lights” in regard to this decorating, and my roommate and I put up colorful ones- then did even more. Inside the room, we have a little Christmas tree, and we even put our presents for each other underneath it. We also bought gel stick-ons for the window; our room is the one with the penguins and snowflakes. We plan on making snowflakes and buying silver tinsel and other things that will carry into decorating for the New Year and winter season.

We also decorated our door with small stockings, one customized with a “K” for me and one with an “L” for her. We put candy canes inside of the stockings, and people are taking them (lol). We also have a wipe board on our door and have been writing Christmas song lyrics on it.

The decorations really do give my room a jolly feel. So if you love the holidays, ease your suffering from finals by making your room a happy place and decorating it for the most wonderful time of the year 🙂