How To Get Rid of Meal Swipes

You paid for way too many meal swipes. You and me both. The semester is coming to an end and we are beginning the struggle to get rid of them.

One person can only eat so much in 3 weeks after realizing they have food for 3 months. And of course we don’t want to sacrifice our figures just to eat enough for that pay. Here’s a guide to getting rid of your meal swipes so that your $2,000+ doesn’t go to waste (and your body doesn’t have to put on a few pounds).

  1. Stop eating out. I know it’s hard to pass up new food- you had enough of swiping at the same places- but you save money and you force yourself to use your meal plan.
  2. Takeout and carry-out is key. Find those places and make visits routine. Keep in mind that the dining halls have takeout options and allow you to double swipe per one visit. Also find the non-dining hall options (Woody’s on Busch, Rock Cafe on Livingston to name a few) that also accept meal swipes. Make visits to these places a part of your schedule so that spending your meal swipes becomes routine.
  3. Get food for your friends- or even strangers. I used up all my guest swipes in the beginning of the semester, but I can still feed my friends through takeout. If you’re in a club or have visitors, offer them takeout. Or just bring it to them, especially to club meetings. Chances are, they’ll eat the food- there’s bound to be upperclassmen who don’t even have meal plans and will appreciate anything. In addition, maybe swipe food to give to strangers in need.
  4. Swipe your snacks and breakfasts. I know a lot of us must be buying snacks for the times we’re too lazy to go to the dining hall or for late-night study sessions. And some of us would rather sleep in than get breakfast. This is where the non-dining hall options, especially the cafes become important. The cafes have an option of getting $8 worth of food that must include one main “dish.” The main “dish” could be yogurt (the cheapest being $2) or a bagel ($1 and some cents depending on if you also get butter or cream cheese for it). I spend this extra money on snacks and breakfast foods that I keep in a big container and my fridge at my dorm.

The end of the semester is near- good luck on getting rid of those extra swipes!