A Guide to New Brunswick Restaurants

After being at Rutgers for almost a full semester and being the food-lover that I am, I had to try out some restaurants other than the dining hall. Here are some notable favorites of mine:

1. Fritz’s.

Fritz’s is an adorable family owned cafe-like eatery. They have amazing sandwiches, soups, salads, and homemade pastries. Perfect for a date or a family visit.

2. Old Man Rafferty’s.

Located on George Street, Old Man Rafferty’s is the go-to place if you are looking for a nice place to go during parents weekend or another occasion. Their menu is extensive and you are sure to find something delicious.

3. Hansel and Griddle.

Hansel and Griddle is a classic Rutgers student hangout. Delicious food for not too much money. I highly recommend the Buffalo Popcorn Chicken Crisp or their tater tots or smoothies.

4. Playa Bowls

Although not really a restaurant, if I am paying ten dollars for one of their acai bowls, I’m gonna call that a meal. It may be pricey, but it is completely worth it. Fruity and sweet perfection.

5. Stuff Yer Face

If you have never tried Stromboli, NOW IS THE TIME!! Stuff Yer Face is the home of the original Stromboli and there are literally thousands you can choose from on the menu. It is delicious. You will not regret it. Get. there. now.