Making New Friends

So as a freshmen this year, I was so nervous and worried about making meaningful friends in college. Not just those people who are in your class, who you see twice a week in class, but friends who you can laugh and cry with. Personally in high school, I had to deal with a lot of drama with ‘friends’ that literally tore us apart. And I knew that I did not want to deal with that again. Yet Rutgers is a huge university with 5 different campuses, 50,000 students (undergrad and grad), and over 500 clubs. That was very scary at first.

I remember on a campus tour that I went on, the tour guide said that ‘you can make a large campus feel small but you can’t make a small campus feel large’. And I truly believe that she was right. Since there is so much diversity, there are a group of people that you will become close to. Its tough and its scary, its also important to get out of your comfort zone because we are all going to have to do that when we get a job.

As for any tips, its really the cliche ones that are worth saying. Be yourself, Go out to events, Join clubs, Be open-minded, Say Hi to People, and Stay Out of Your Dorm. And all of these tips are these tips are true. Its important to interact with people and give everyone a chance when you are trying to make friends. Its also important to go out of your dorm because no one will actually go inside your room to talk to your. This is honestly the easiest thing to do because you can just go to your lounge and study or just chill with your computer.

Personally, all of my closest friends, I made because they live in my residence hall. I took the initiative to  go to my lounge and do work there (I’m actually writing this blog post in my lounge), and I met so many people this way. And from what I heard, its the same situation for other students. My friends are the kindest people for the world and I am so lucky that I met them. We attend events together, study until 2-3 am together, and even watched Korean dramas together.

So hopefully you all will find your cliques in college. It might seem scary but its really quick and easy.