Quick Tip: Participate in ‘Cyber Monday’ with Preparation

After the celebration of Thanksgiving, there comes a small storm of consumer-celebrated events that take place over the weekend: Black Friday, and its partner, the media-driven phenomenon ‘Cyber Monday’. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide desirable discounts and persuasive sales, try to spend cautiously as a university student – and with good reason. The temporary falling of prices may seem difficult to resist at first, but recall the overall importance of saving and spending wisely for future purposes.

With gift-giving holidays arriving in December, it is understandable – and even more so, encouraged – to purchase any special or particular products for loved ones while sales are high. Clothing items, make-up products, school supplies, and electronics – these goods may serve as excellent gifts for loved ones in the upcoming month. Of course, balance your budget and certainly weigh costs before spending. Think open-mindedly and ask important questions: Does this item fall within my budget? Do I earnestly need this item? Will so-and-so enjoy receiving this item as a gift?

When perusing sales on ‘Cyber Monday,’ the most crucial perspective of psychological thinking calls for you to divide, for yourself, impulsive or practical feelings of wants and needs. For example, if you are currently paying for your own traveling expenses (ex: commuting by train, vehicle, or bus), will splurging thirty dollars on ‘Cyber Monday’ cost you a ticket or a portion of your more necessary expenses? Do you need a new sweatshirt; new shoes; a new winter coat, etc.? This example is a glimpse of a real-life situation to think about more broadly as a young adult in the developmental stages of early adulthood.

The benefits of ‘Cyber Monday’ are subjective to the individual: Are there unnecessary items we want? Are there anticipated items that we earnestly need? This manifestation of critical thinking – especially in the context of a new era of online shopping – is helpful to maintain as a university student, whose priorities are doing well with your own obligations (as a student, an individual, a human being). As ‘Cyber Monday’ continues, recall these shared ideas before pressing ‘Continue to Cart’ or ‘Purchase’ – ask yourself questions; visualize your budget; and prepare financially for the future – no matter how small your savings or income may be now.