What I am Thankful For

Even though I’m a day late, Happy Late Thanksgiving and Good Luck to everyone who is going Black Friday shopping. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to make a list of everything that I am thankful for.  So here I go

First and for most, I am thankful for my parents who constantly support me everyday. They worked so hard and always encouraged me to go to college since they did not have that privilege themselves. Honestly college is stressful and requires a lot of work but my parents are always there to help me get through this. They taught me how to be compassionate and grateful everyday because I am lucky enough to have two parents in a decent life with great opportunities.

I am thankful for the amazing friends that I made here. When I came to college, I was shy about making friends because in high school, I was constantly hurt and upset at some of the actions that my high school friends did. My grandmother even advised me to not get close to many people. But the friends that I made here are amazing. We are constantly laughing and studying and going to Rutgers events together and simply enjoying each others companies. They are the main reason why I love college and love going to Rutgers events as well.

I am thankful for every event in my life that has shaped who I am whether those events were good or bad. All the good events showed me how to be happy while all the negative events showed me strength and compassion.

Last but not least, I am thankful for every moment. I believe that every moment is a gift from God that should be cherished. And I hope to make everyday count.

I am thankful for my professors here. While some of my professors may not know my name, I am still grateful for all the new knowledge that they give me. I am also grateful for of my faculty mentors who only want me to succeed.

I believe that it is important to stay grateful everyday and to always stay humble. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone.