Tips For Successful Registration

My first experience with setting my schedule at Rutgers did not go so well. I ended up with a work load too intense for me to handle, and long breaks in between classes. I can say after a long and stressful semester I was determined to make a better schedule for the spring semester.

I came up with a few tips that I found helpful while planning my new schedule.

  1. Visit an academic counselor. This is extremely important before registering because you need to know what courses you should be taking and when. The best part is, there are counselors located on all campuses. Find a campus near you here:


  1. Plan ahead. Make sure to check your school email and the Rutgers website for any information regarding registration dates. This link will tell you when you can register based on the number of earned credits.


  1. Make a list. Make a list of classes you’re interested in taking next semester. Using the Rutgers degree navigator, you can take a look at all the classes that apply to your major or minor and choose from there.


  1. Research your potential professors. I never register for a class before researching the professor. In order for me to be successful in class, I need a professor who meets my expectations. The following link is a great tool to read peer reviews on the classes and professor you are interested in.


  1. Finally know what you can handle. Orutgersnly sign up for classes you know you can handle. Its never fun feeling constant stress over an excessive work load so only choose what you know you can handle.


I hope these tips help your registration process run smoothly. Happy Course Searching!