A Hate (Love) Letter to the RU Bussing System

Dear Rutgers Bussing System,

Before I actually met you, all I knew were lies that people told me during the “is this the right college for you?” phase. Such tales included how you would stop getting crowded after the first two weeks, and that you really aren’t that bad. And I’ll give it to you, bus system–I guess the last thing is true; you’re easy to get used to. You’re Rutgers culture, after all, and after a while I’ve learned not to exactly mind you. Even when you bother me, I would still never change my mind about attending this school… but I’ve got a few problems in mind, so brace yourself.

Now that I’m writing it down, I guess this one isn’t primarily your fault… but some people simply lack proper bus etiquette. Either they aren’t showering, they’re eating a smelly meal that reeks, they’ve got a backpack on one of the seats, and so on… Like I said, this isn’t your fault, but it does make rides much more unbearable.

And I guess you can say I’m lazy, but standing up for lengthy periods of time DOES get obnoxious. Especially because I’m not even five feet tall, and I can’t reach the bar that is high up, and sometimes the inside is so packed that I’ve got to surf my way to Busch campus all to make it to math class. What is up with that? Once again, I’m starting to realize that this isn’t actually your fault. Maybe it’s the people–maybe someone could’ve offered to switch spots with me.  Maybe I should just suck it up and grow a few inches taller or something, right?

I hate waiting in the cold weather for you. Yeah. You always keep me waiting. Why can’t you ever be on my time? Why don’t you understand that sometimes I need a few extra minutes to change my outfit or fix my lipstick; why do you make me wait an extra 5 minutes for the next bus? What? You don’t think the 5 minute wait is that bad, do you? Well, I guess it wasn’t when it was warm out. But now it makes all the difference when the air literally hurts my face… You probably think I should schedule my time better. Get my life in order. Wait in a student center until the next bus comes. And you’re right, I could probably do without the lipstick, so then I’d be on time for you in the first place. I guess this one is my fault, not yours…

Wellm bus system… I know I was kind of rude at first… but you’re not that bad. I mean, I have some good memories with you as well. I actually don’t mind running after you; I’ve got to get my cardio in somehow, right? You’re practically my personal trainer (especially on days I take the extra time to put on that lipstick I keep talking about). And sometimes I meet new people on the bus, and they’re rather nice… I guess I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for you. Yeah, the buses are crowded, but nothing is funnier than watching people pack in as much as they can until they realize that they’re going to have to wait for the next bus. And you do always have my back; even when I miss you, another one isn’t far away. So I shouldn’t be complaining, I guess it’s all in my head.


A Rutgers Freshman That Is Still Learning