Helpful Medications

In my dorm room, I have a little black Sterilite container that contains some helpful medications/etc that have helped me stay healthy for this semester (so far!). I thought I would share with everyone. Hope it helps!

-Voltaren Gel (this is a prescribed medication for muscular pain, but similar OTC alternatives are available on the market)
-First aid antibiotic
-Advil (cause Midterm season)
-Allergy Relief ( I have found that the Berkley Jensen brand works the best for me. It is cheap, easy to swallow. and has 400 tablets per small container)
-Hydrocortisone Cream (for bug bites)
-Bug spray
-Cotton Swabs
-Pepto-Bismol chewable
-Salonpas (not many people have heard of these, but they are small little patches that you can apply to any part of your body to help relieve muscular pain.)

Side note: I know that this is not a medication, but I also highly recommend a Brita filter water bottle to everyone. It can be hard to find a water fountain in residence halls and even so, the water is not always clean. This bottle helps prevent the huge clutter of empty water bottles I usually have around my dorm and of course, the water is purified. Definitely helpful for on the go.