Happy 250 Rutgers!

On November 10, 2016, Rutgers celebrated its 250th year as a university. This was a big deal around campus and I’ll never forget that Thursday.

Thursdays aren’t that busy for me, so I was able to do several things during my spare time. I took a dive at the Werblin Olympic-sized pool at Busch that morning. It’s actually something I normally do on some Thursday, so I thought, “Why not today?” I then had lunch and enjoyed a complimentary cupcake from the 250 set at the dining hall. In the afternoon, I attended a big celebration going on at Deiner Park in College Ave. I got there early, so I was able to nab a free t-shirt in the middle of a rowdy crowd. (Seriously, it felt like a mob out there!) Anyway, I then decided to have a snack, which was an interesting blend of nachos, chili, and mac & cheese in a cup. (On a side note, I’ve really gotten into blending all sorts of foods together thanks to the buffet style of the dining halls.) So then I had to leave because I had a class coming. But afterward, I got to watch the fireworks from near the Raritan River and see Werblin lit as the event was going on.

That was a great Thursday for me! I didn’t expect things to go as well as I thought, but miracles do happen. Happy birthday Rutgers! Continue showing greatness toward the future adults of America!