The Rutgerian Chronicles – Easing through the Midterm Waves

Being an International Transfer, I have experienced both the Indian education and US education system of higher studies closely. I would say not only the course structure and the workload is more dynamic in US system but also the Midterm exam is a salient grading criteria of this system. The challenging part is that the courses you are taking are independent of each other, i.e., your Midterm schedule can be scattered over a several weeks or concentrated over a span of few days, unpredictable as the sea waves

 I feel that the best way to deal with it is to study “regularly”. I know it sounds kind of difficult to do but to put in simple terms, if you are doing your homework, assignments and have knowledge what is going in class, you would be half done with your preparation. Secondly the weekends,I know it is as if I am asking for your treasure chest, but atleast couple of hours would help you to a great extent in preparing for the Midterm that is coming up the following week. Thirdly, most of the professor want you to focus on the materials provided during the course. For example, the engineering dynamics course book has atleast 25 problems in each section but our professor explicitly mentioned that do only those problems that was given to us in notes. So freshman and transfers, please take care of that and to add on attend office hours before your tests as it helps a lot. I would also recommend students to use the tutoring services provided by the university. Lastly, the key to do good in Midterms, or even the Finals, is self-confidence and scheduling. Instead of getting hyped up at last minute or on receiving email about the test weeks before, start planning asap, instead of panicking. 

So after the first wave of Midterms, not an easy one for me, I opted for “personal check”practices. It’s simple but effective. Start by analyzing your performance, figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, looking for areas where you could improve, changing the way you approach the subjects and choosing courses you need to work more harder on. Even if you haven’t done well, it’s fine. It’s the first milestone of a long journey as a Scarlet Knight. Hence, it’s a great thing if you figure out that you haven’t done well because that’s when you start to improve.Remember the words quoted by Robin Sharma “Setbacks are the most important learning curves of your life”.