Neilson Dining Hall

Alright! So a lot of people say that the Livingston Dining Hall is the best, but Neilson is always close in the competition.  At Neilson, you can expect to have best fresh food.  Also, the variety is amazing!  An awesome option for anyone looking to switch things up are the pre-made tiny subs.

As soon as you walk into the buffet area, on your left you will see different selection of hot foods that are usually suitable for dinner, such as salmon, marinated chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, etc.  As you continue down the line, you will see the wok section, although it does not compare to the LDC wok section. The back of the buffet section features sushi and tiny subs. In the middle of the buffet section is the salad bar which features a great assortment of dressings.  On the right of the buffet section is the pizza station and ice cream station.

The ice cream station at this dining hall does not disappoint.  On Wednesdays you can even make your own sundaes!  This feature is a big hit here and many students come just for this on Wednesdays.

The only downside to this dining hall would be the fact that it is not as large as the LDC, but it is definitely worth the trip!

I hope you all enjoy the photo of my typical plate at the Neilson Dining Hall!neilson