RU Biking?

We all know that image: the deafening sound of a ringing alarm, sun barely above the horizon and our own bed warmer than ever, subconsciously calling Stay with me!” . It is so hard just to get up, especially when the upcoming day seems like it’s going to be unbearably long and challenging; so much work to do, so many classes to attendso much rush in the crowded buses in order to get to the destination. But waitthere is a solution.

Ive discovered Rutgers bikes when I was thinking about an alternative way of getting to my rowing practice. 

The boathouse is not that far away from my dorm, there are two bus routes (F and EE) and just two stops on that way. Seems to be very convenient, doesnt it? Unfortunately, getting on the bus which sometimes is delayed, then driving in traffic and eventually walking from the bus stop to the final destination may take way more time than previously expected. 

I dont want to complain about the efficiency of Rutgers buses, because this system, regardless of a lot of imperfections, in my opinion does the job well. Obviously, some things like routes and weekend hours of operation may be improved, but objectively discussing pros and flaws of Rutgers Bus system could be enough material for a new article. Rather than that, I will focus on a positive solution found accidentally, that turned out to be a great idea.

Bikes seem to be a quite popular use of transport, but in fact it is rare that more than a few people in a dorm use them. Potential reasons for this situation may be few: bicycle theft occurs quite often in the New Brunswick area, obtaining it is an additional expense, and that driving it requires a physical activity. And its all true — getting a bike definitely may be a hard time for the wallet, while renting it from the Rutgers program — not necessarily. For the price of $10 per month or $25 per semester (!), we can get this vehicle for the entire semester, fully equipped (altogether with an Ulock, a helmet, lights, bike, etc).

From the first time I rode it, I was very satisfied. It actually made my trip to the Boathouse 4 times shorter — 12 minutes instead of around 50 in worst case! From that day biking became an inevitable part of my every day.


Map of Busch Bicycle Lanes. More maps available at