Monster Mash

It’s Halloweekend, and I’m happy to say I started off the celebration by volunteering for the 13th Annual Monster Mash.

The Monster Mash is a community outreach program taking place in the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center. The event is hosted by Rutgers Residence Life and Recreation. Families, with children in elementary and/or middle schools, from the New Brunswick and Piscataway areas are invited to attend. Over 100 student organizations within Rutgers set up activities and give away candy to the children.

As a volunteer, I controlled the crowd and ensured the small children stayed with their parents and guardians. Over 2000 families came to the event, so it was rather hectic but very fun.

I decided to volunteer for this event to give back to the community before heading back to College Ave. and enjoying the Halloweekend festivities myself. I also find little children in costumes adorable! And to facilitate an event that makes them happy seemed very rewarding to me. Nonetheless, it really was.

It’s too late for this Halloweekend, but next Halloweekend, or the next holiday with an outreach program available, I would suggest coming out and offering help before taking part in your own celebrations. You can also just spread the word about these events. It will set a holiday spirit in you and shares that spirit with the community.

Happy Halloween!