4 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

For most of us Rutgers students, midterms are just about over (thankfully) and this can only mean one thing…Halloween is fast approaching! This can either be the most exciting or dreaded holiday, and if you are panicking because you “have literally no idea” what to be, fear not! Here are some easy and cheap costumes you can put together in no time.

Risky Business

Grab your nearest white button down, black shades, and long socks, and you’ll be ready to go!

Rosie the Riveter

All you need to be this cultural icon is a denim shirt and red bandana. Bonus points for red lipstick and posing in front of a yellow background.

Cat or Mouse

Although you may seem “unoriginal,” if you are in a time crunch a cat or mouse is the way to go. Wear all black and paint some whiskers on your face, and you’ve got yourself an adorable animal.


Everyone loves a classic ghost costume. Whether you take a sheet and cut holes in it, or even just wear all white, the ghost is always a crowd pleaser.