Asking for Help

One thing about college that I learned. The classes are much more difficult than in high school and I have gone to lecture and sometimes think the teacher was speaking Latin. And when I am studying my notes, I can’t figure out what these symbols and letters mean. So here’s a simple solution: Ask for help.

Probably the biggest advice is to ask for help. We all want to graduate with a decent GPA which is why we came to Rutgers. But sometimes the classes don’t make sense, or you have to mental stamina to pull through. So asking for help may be the best method to do well on all your examples. So here are some resources available.

  1. Rutgers Learning Center: So these are mostly for STEM courses but there are some languages, economics, and accounting. There is one-on-one tutoring available by appointment if you book it. There is also walk-in tutoring available. There are available on all campuses but I heard the one on College Ave (Kreeger Learning Center behind Brower) is the best.
  2. Writing Center: These are meant for those who are obviously in a writing class. These are five consecutive sessions designed to help you build on your essays and work on your weak points. Its not like a tutor will tell you what you improve on, but you will be actively engaged to simply be better writers. I am currently enrolled in this program, and it is very helpful because my tutor helps me understand my weak spots and she makes me practice them to help me improve. These are available on Douglass, College Ave, and Livingston.
  3. SAS Honors Program:  Since I am part of the SAS Honors Program, I had to mention this. This is mainly for those in STEM classes and is available if you schedule an appointment.
  4. Office Hours: All your professors want to see you excel and be passionate about the subject. It would make them happy to see you constantly asking questions, even if you have no idea about a subject. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. And if you show enough interest and passion, they might even be able to write an amazing resume when the time comes. However if you are like me and have class during your professor’s office hours, then just ask your professor if you can meet at some other time. Most likely they will say yes.

Just don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know that I get very frustrated when I don’t understand something so try to not let that happen to you.