Rutgers Attractions

Looking to explore some of Rutgers great attractions? The Zimmerli Art Museum is the place to start! Located at 71 Hamilton Street on the College Avenue Campus, next door to Scott Hall. Zimmerli is chock full of different art pieces, ranging from American art, European art and Russian/Soviet nonconformist pieces. I myself took a trip to Zimmerli and found that I was quite surprised by how many wonderful pieces including sculptures, paintings, photographs and audio art where available for viewing. The best part? Its Free! Take advantage of this great educational opportunity. Whether you are an art junkie or not there is something for everyone to enjoy. For more information check out Zimmerli Art Museum.

If you enjoy your visit to Zimmerli, take a trip to the Rutgers Gardens! Take a walk through the beautiful Bamboo Forest, or check out one of the many special events such as the spring festival or movie night. The spring festival is a great way to take in the changing seasons and admire the colorful blooming of fresh flowers. The gardens are also a great place to sit and relax, read a book or just hang out! To learn more about the gardens and what it offers visit Rutgers Gardens.