The Life of an Engineer – A Little About Myself

After thinking about it, I realized that people enjoy reading blogs when they can get a perspective on whatever the blogger wants to talk about. My last post was about time management, but I know a lot of people have their own ways of going about life that I most likely disregarded. I’m not an omnipotent being who can see through everyone’s lenses. I just go by what I experience and how I hear other people’s experiences. With that being said, I’d like for you guys to understand more about where I’m coming from.

I’m sure by the title alone, my audience is mostly going to be consisting of current and potential Rutgers engineers. So hello everyone! My name is Abhishek, or Abhi for short. I’m currently an Electrical & Computer Engineering major (though more likely a Computer Engineering one by junior year.) I’m a freshman who has delved into the world of videogame-loving and academic-orientated nerds of Rutgers. (I consider the term “nerd” to be a good thing nowadays because of how much technology has taken over our world.) Back in high school, I’d see these people occassionally, but certainly not everyone was like this. In college, you really get to connect with people just like you. It is as if the housing staff could sort out all different kinds of personalities into each residence hall!

Anyway, my life is going fine so far. While I can’t say I’ve made friends with everyone on our floor, I’ve definitely haven’t made any adversaries so far. The first semester is a little bit of everything to get you used to the expectations of Rutgers. It’s definitely a step up from high school. Some classes will challenge your skills at a particular subject. For instance, I used to be one of the top math students in my school, but when I started going to Rutgers, I started to falter rather quickly. The Calculus professors actually expect good writing skills to pass the class. While making these blogs have been a good source of practice, writing has always been one of my weaknesses when it comes to academics. I could never go beyond general English courses throughout school. And don’t get me started on Expos! If you haven’t heard already, it’s one of the toughest freshman courses out there. It makes sense why these professors challenge you; they want you to be prepared for a living.

On the bright side, college is there to bring the best out of your life. You really start seeing what your strengths are as the classes become more akin to your major. I’ve noticed that I do well coding in MATLAB, so I can forsee a computer science minor in my future. Of course, there’s more to do around campus besides going to class. I like to work out at the gym as well as go to events, movies, clubs, and of course, eat. It doesn’t matter that engineers have it tough on campus, as long as you’re having fun, college will be a great experience you’ll look back on many years from now. (Trust me, almost every adult I’ve talked to miss to good ol’ college days.)