RU Autumn Checklist

Hello, again! The fall weather has certainly hit us students at Rutgers University, full-swing, as some of us groan with the transition from shorts & tanks to boots & sweaters. Today, I have compiled a short “Autumn Check List” of sorts, with a bunch of useful things that will be certain to help any Rutgers student bear the impending cold weather.

  1. Rainboots or Timberlands We have already experienced some rainy conditions on campus this year, and it will only become more and more frequent. You will thank yourself, later on, if you invest in a nice pair of boots and some thick socks for this season. Even with as complicated and extensive of a bus system as Rutgers’, we students somehow still end up doing a ton of walking, so… treat yo’self.
  2. Portable Phone Charger This is technically an all-season necessity, but will prove to be especially useful in the colder months. With snowy and rainy conditions comes a guarantee of RU Bus System delays… For the days where you may not be able to make it back to your dorm room in time for a quick charge, you’ll be thankful you have a portable charger to keep your phone alive while you’re stationed in a random Student Center until class starts.
  3. Travel Mug My 16oz portable Starbucks travel mug is, truly, my life. I am a coffee addict, so when it’s too chilly in the morning to walk all the way from the Livi Quads to the Starbucks at the Plaza, I fire up my Keurig and take my coffee with me to class. In the biting mid-Fall weather, you’re going to wish you had something to warm your hands… and a bit of coffee or tea in a portable mug is the perfect solution.
  4. Autumn-Scented Wallflower Girls AND guys: I hate to break it to you, but it is highly likely that your dorm smells if you haven’t done something like this already. Bath & Body Works sells the most amazing-smelling fall-y wall flowers… Grab some “Pumpkin Apple” or “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” pods, plug them into a free outlet, and prepare to have your dorm constantly smell like all this wonderful season has to offer. (My dorm is most certainly the best-smelling on my floor… hehe.)
  5. Fuzzy Throw Blakets These are an absolute must. Whether you are going down to the lounge to catch a football game, or cozying up to Facetime a friend from back home, you’re going to want a nice blanket to wrap around yourself to stay warm. My grey Tommy Hilfiger plush throw blanket has kept me snug many-a-night, so far. 10/10, would recommend.

That’s all, folks. I’ll be back on here again, soon, with some more cool (I mean, warm?) content for you readers. Enjoy October!