A Wink from the Universe

Everyone has their beliefs. Everyone has their own ways of interpreting signs from the universe. Girls in particular are notorious for overthinking miniscule details that appear to have little significance to outsiders, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I think if you pay attention, there are things that will enable you to ensure you are on the right path. I thought I would share a few moments here at Rutgers that made me feel like I made the right decision.

I don’t know the exact moment that solidified the direction I would take to become a veterinarian, but when I look back, my life is full of moments surrounded by animals. I would come home begging my mother to help me nurse abandoned birds to adulthood. To my dismay, she always told me to “let nature run its course.” I once looked out my window on a cool October morning to see a squirrel had fallen into our blow-up pool. I immediately ran down the steps, grabbed my mother’s strainer from the cupboard, and scooped the litter critter out of the water. I then proceeded to wrap it in a towel and show it to my parents. They laughed, took a picture of me holding this dead squirrel in my arms, and forced me to say goodbye to my friend.

Now, when I evaluate the decision I made to pursue a career as a veterinarian, I couldn’t be more excited to continue on this journey. As I was sitting in the Cook Student Health Center speaking with a nurse who was taking my information, he noticed the tattoo I have on my wrist. I told him it was my dog’s paw print, which led into a conversation about me being an animal science major. I mentioned how I was given the opportunity to draw blood from a cow. Despite my nasal congestion and exhausted tone, the enthusiasm I felt sharing this part of my experience caring for the cows radiated throughout my body. He later made a comment to me about my demeanor stating, “You seem like you know what you’re doing. You’d be perfect as a vet.” It was a small moment where I felt it wasn’t just a nurse in an office offering a nice compliment to a sick patient. I was listening. I was watching for those moments the universe decides to give you a wink.