What Transition?

Being an only child who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, coming to another state to spend the next four, maybe eight years of my life as a pre-med student is a change that may seem intimidating at first. However, the move-in team, and living in BEST with other pre-med students in the Health and Medicine Living Learning Community helped my anxiety reach an all-time low. I’ve felt accepted and pure happiness as soon as I got here. Being greeted with smiles by other people who are just as scared as you are is a nice feeling. There were tons of activities to get to know the amazing people around here such as convocation and the carnival after. A few days later, you get to make a chant with the people in the hall you live in for RU Throwdown to compete against other halls. You also get to compete with them in various activities such as a dance-off! There hasn’t been a single ounce of missing New York City. Rutgers feels more of a home, I wish I could live here all the time. Coming here from another state didn’t feel like a transition at all. If anything, it feels better to be here than anything else. It’s the perfect environment for studying while simultaneously having fun because of the amazing people around you who also have the same goals. Did I mention we have a Starbucks Truck?!snapchat-7916729961658335363