Rutgerian Chronicles – A reality check !

After spending a month in US, I can say that ‘The Great American Dream’ not only means getting to US but the real part of struggle to achieve your dreams here in the States. From the dynamic to expensive lifestyle, from travelling to studying and finally adapting to the Americans is not as easy as it seems from outside. Being a commuter from Springfield Township, it takes me at least an hour to reach the university by train, which by the way took almost two hours during the first couple of weeks.The second challenge for me comes as an ‘International’ & ‘Transfer’ where I have to not only get accustomed to the academics here but also overcome the way I was taught things back in my country. The third challenge I face is making good friends. Though Rutgers community allows you to interact with lot of people by organizing so many events but making good friends with whom you can share time academically and socially is a bit difficult as during the first two years, students have less common courses that they take. But in process, the lifestyle has also taught me the solution, to tackle all these challenges – First is accepting the new environment and lifestyle by telling yourself you are not only the one facing it. This would let you find people who are facing such challenges and together you can overcome them. Secondly utilizing the weekends. Weekends are such an important part of this work culture that they not only gives you time, but also rejuvenates you for the upcoming week. Hence fighting small battles and winning over them would ultimately let you win the big battle. So have a great stay because to all your problems, Scarlet Knights have their own way of successfully dealing winning it !