Livingston Dining Commons

Okay! So, I have been at Rutgers University for almost one full month now, and I think that I have gotten a pretty good feel for the dining halls here.  I can say honestly that the Livingston Dining Commons is my favorite, and that’s not just because the hall is the newest.  Well, I guess that may play a part!  It seems that the LDC is everyone’s favorite dining hall.  I believe that the reason for this is the fact that it is so new, and the “newness” of it leads to a better overall dining experience.

In addition to that though, the LDC has the best variety of food.  A fan favorite is the Wok Station, where people can choose from a variety of vegetables, rice, meat or shrimp, and sauce to put into their made-to-order stir-fry. Similar to this is the made-to-order pasta station, where people can also choose from a variety of foods to add into their choice of pasta with their choice of sauce.

Aside from the made-to-order items, the already made items are always fresh.  When you first walk in, on your left is a pizza station with a variety of choices.  In the center of the food area is a large salad bar with a fruit and yogurt selection.  On the right when you walk in is a sandwich making section where you can also find french fries and other miscellaneous quick eats.  At the end of that station are sauce toppings for whatever you made, such as mayo, ketchup, and honey mustard.  In the far back on the right is the warm, usually more “meal” type of foods, such as fresh chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  On your way out, you can treat yourself to a tasty desert, which may be a slice of cake, a cinnamon bun, or cream puffs.  Also, if you’re feeling extra sweet, you can make yourself a bowl or cone of ice cream, hard or soft, with toppings!

Lastly, the pub.  The pub is a burger bar where customers can go to a screen and design their own burgers and fries, which are then prepared the way they ordered right there for them!  This is one of the biggest fan favorites at the LDC.

Overall, I would give the LDC a 4 out 5 for everything.  The atmosphere is great and the facility is always clean.  The food is always fresh and tasty, and you can tailor your plate to your likes and dislikes.  The only issue is the lack of variety in the ice cream station and the slight monotony of the menu.

I hope you all visit there soon and enjoy the photos of my typical plates at the LDC:)