Being a Student Worker for RU

Classes, study sessions, extracurricular activities, socials, parties- these are all aspects of college life that take up a majority of every student’s time. And in the back of their minds, they’re thinking about money. Whether in need of money to pay off college debt or just wanting to be able to buy things while out and about, students need to maintain financial wellness in order to succeed during and after their time at Rutgers. I believe the best way to earn money while at Rutgers is to become a student worker for the university.

I currently work for Brower Commons, the dining hall in the College Avenue campus. It is convenient for me because I live on campus, close to the dining hall. I walk around, clean tables, and restock food.

What I enjoy about the job is that I am earning money without feeling any unbearable stress. Rutgers understands that students are busy. Scheduling is flexible, the hours aren’t ridiculous, and the work isn’t demanding. My coworkers are friendly and conversational, and time ends up going by rather quickly. Being a student worker also gives me experience for higher level work, and I like that I can attain this experience while still being able to perform well in class and maintain healthy relationships.

Say you want to make more money? I can’t speak for the other jobs, but I know Brower offers additional  walk-in hours when help is needed (known as “open shifts”).

If you are looking to become a student worker, I highly suggest using the Job Development Location Program (JDLP) that Rutgers offers- and students are not limited to dining halls. Work can be found in the student centers or event restaurants, cafes, and shops around campus. JDLP gives you a list of jobs that are hiring, categorized by interest, and shows you how to apply.

Best of luck!