Checklist for Commuters

Rutgers is a big place. Believe it or not, it’s even bigger for commuters. It’s easy to get lost and feel lonely. You don’t know if your house is your home or if school is. Here’s a checklist to minimize that lost feeling, because nobody really wants that.

  1. Be prepared. This means prepping your car for the zombie apocalypse. Okay maybe not. But make sure you have snacks and water. Stay hydrated and nourished. Important for walking and learning. Keep money. Either cash or a credit card. Keep a jacket and an umbrella in your car for weather and car stuff (not really an automobile genius) for when your car gives you problems. Extra pencils, a flashlight, first-aid kit, and maybe a book or two for between classes is always good to.
  2. Go to class. Commuters primarily are at school to learn. So go to class. But talk to people. Make friends. Set up study sessions or make a homework buddy. Go to the professor’s office hours. Getting involved in your learning will give you a purpose.
  3. Extracurricular activities. Build up your resume. Get a job, volunteer, intern, join a club, or join a sport. There’s so much you can do to learn, make friends, and prepare for your future. It doesn’t even have to be at school if you have a super long commute. Just being involved outside of school will be a huge stress relief if you enjoy your extracurricular activities.