How to Manage Your Time

I’m sure you’ve been warned a dozen times about all the changes you’ll have to make to your life once you get to college. Without your parents, you’re on your own creating your own schedule. (Brownie points for getting my your’s right!) Anyway, it’s just a learning experience. Here are some ways to manage your time:

Before you start, make sure you look at your schedule before making these choices. Let’s start with the morning. Thankfully, you don’t need to get up as early as you would with high school. But if you have morning classes, make sure your alarms are set and be prepared to get up earlier than expected on certain days. The first thing to do before you start your day is GET BREAKFAST! I can’t stress enough how important breakfast is! Either go straight to the dining hall or eat in your dorm to save meal swipes. Next, check the rest of your morning. If you don’t have any classes from now until lunchtime, plan to do something. Whether that’s doing homework or going to the gym, you should always do something productive in your free time. Next, you obviously have lunch. (Don’t skip meals!) Then continue being productive in the afternoon, maybe even socialize if you’ve got time. I’d recommend having a snack at some point because it’s a big gap between lunch and dinner. Then have dinner, continue socializing, and prepare for the next day.

Now that’s assuming you didn’t have any classes. Classes take up about two hours of your time (including travel time), so some extra planning is involved. No matter the gap, there’s always a way to settle the time. If your classes are far enough apart, you can go back to your dorm and continue being productive. However, if that gap isn’t big enough to make the trip back, I’d suggest heading to your nearest library to continue working there. These are the perfect places to study, and this gap makes it even more convenient. It doesn’t matter how big the library is, all of them have desks you can work on. Plus, you get some nice peace and quiet while you’re at it. You can also visit a computer lab if the situation is convenient for you. It will at least ensure that there’s a printer nearby, so it’s a perfect opportunity to print out things. Sometimes your schedule is just too packed to do everything every day, and that’s perfectly normal. Just make sure not every day is a busy one. You just have to get used to an inconsistent schedule.

P.S. Keep this in mind when you register for classes. Create a schedule that works for you and you’ll be fine in college. Remember that it only gets tougher from here.