The New Brunswick Music Scene


Fiscal Cliff playing at RUPA’s Fall Kick Off event at the Livingston Student Center

The first full week at school is already halfway over.

Personally, it’s been a week full of getting lost around campus, taking the wrong bus accidentally, and meeting some awesome new folks.

As a new transfer student, it’s been a bit strange adjusting to this new, vast campus. But luckily I’ve still been running into familiar faces and stumbling upon great events even in this short amount of time.

Even prior to attending Rutgers, I’ve been coming to the New Brunswick area frequently to see art and music shows. As an illustrator/designer myself, I’ve also worked with a lot of my friend’s who are in bands to design flyers, merch, album art, and more. Since there aren’t many official spaces to host these types of events, and since most bar venues are limiting since some students are not yet 21, people have taken it into their own hands (and houses) to create a thriving do-it-yourself music scene. New Brunswick has even been ranked amongst one of the best places to see indie bands. On any given day, you can stumble upon a show in someone’s basement and discover some great new music. Inside wittily named houses, such as Harambe’s Haven, Paradise Lost, and J House, you’ll find a sense of inclusiveness and overall passion for the arts.

If you’re looking for any on campus events as well, you’re also in luck! Rutgers also hosts periodic music festivals and shows. Bands such as Fiscal Cliff and the Vaughns, who are just two veterans of the DIY scene, just opened up for prominent pop rockers Parachute at last Friday’s RUPA free Fall Kick Off event at the Livingston Student Center.

To everyone who is a lover of music, I deeply encourage you to check out at least one Rutger’s music event or basement show this year!