Getting the Most of Rutgers Football

Yesterday Rutgers University capped off its first home performance of the season in an electrifying comeback against Howard: 52-14 giving the Scarlet Knights their first win of the season.

This was my first collegiate football game and the experience was truly awesome; music thundering across Busch campus, tailgaters pouring out of every parking lot and team pride radiating from High Point Solution Stadium. Even for someone who might not be a big fan, the games are a great way to learn about college football and start supporting your fellow Scarlet Knights. So, for those of you who may have missed the first home game, here are some pointers to ensure you have a great time at a game.

  1. Enter the Student Ticket Lottery. 

    By entering the lottery you have a chance to win a FREE ticket to a game. I emphasize free because some collegiate football tickets cost hundreds of dollars, and astronomically more for good seats. However, the student lottery tickets are free and the student section is unbelievably close to the action. Go to and “Claim tickets” to set up an account for the lottery.

  2. Increase Your Odds for the Lottery.

    All lottery tickets are the unsold tickets to a various game, so for big match ups like Penn State, it would be phenomenal to get a ticket! Luckily, there are ways to increase your odds for getting a ticket each game by accumulating “Scarlet Points.” Ways to earn points include, enrolling at Rutgers (one point), request a ticket each game (one point regardless if you get selected or not), attend games if you are selected (one point), come 30 minutes before kickoff (one point) and lastly coming 60 minutes before kickoff (two points)

  3. Tailgate (Responsibly).  

    Coming out with your friends before the game can be a great way to build the hype for the throwdown and a great way to find good food. From corn hole to booming music, the festivities are very enjoyable. Some food might be expensive, but the chow in the stadium is quite pricey as well. However, there’s no reason to ruin a great afternoon or evening by getting caught doing something irresponsible.

  4. Hydrate Before the Game!!

    *This is honestly my best piece of advice and I wish I knew this in advance.* The games can be wonderfully exhilarating, but I was frightened to see how many students had to be escorted out of the stands for nearly passing out from dehydration. Especially in the afternoon – the games are HOT. Additionally, water bottles aren’t permitted in the stadium so anything you try to bring will be stopped at the gate. As a result, anything you drink has to come from the concessions which can be very expensive: $4 for a water bottle…  Worst comes to worst, you can use your meal swipes to buy $10 worth of food/drink at the concessions, but the lines really pile up. Therefore, do yourself a favor before you leave for the game and drink lots of water.

  5. Wear the Right Colors.

    Follow the RURiot Squad on Facebook or Twitter to get updates for how to show your team pride. Red, black or white should be a safe bet. But most importantly, bring friends and be ready to have a great time!

— Devin Lorusso —

Freshman pursuing Biomedical Engineering. Hailing from Moorestown NJ, a past member or track & field, cross country and FIRST Robotics.

Keep an eye out for future posts on Rutgers Athletics or Fitness.