Lessons Learned: A Freshman’s First Week at RU

It’s official, Class of 2020: we’ve survived our first week as students of Rutgers University! We’ve gone out during the weekend, attended our first batch of college classes, met friends, and stepped tremendously out of our comfort zones. Throughout these first 7 days, there are plenty things I have come to learn about RU…

  1. Yes. You must hold onto something if you’re standing up on the buses. I am convinced even Superman would not be able to balance himself on the Rutgers buses. I made the mistake, once, of not holding onto a handle or pole when I boarded an LX… little did I know, I would be forcefully thrusted forward and nearly fall into the lap of a stranger. So, seriously: Hold on tight. You’ll get a nice arm and quad workout everyday from trying to hold on and keep your stability whenever the bus makes a turn.
  1. It’s okay to eat alone at the dining halls! I was under the impression, originally, that it would be super lame to eat by myself at a dining hall. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. During weekends, it’s nice to go on a lunch date with a friend; however, during the school week it can be hard to find someone with the same time block of availability as you. There are plenty of people who need to grab a quick bite and sit by themselves. Don’t worry… it seems to be a Rutgers norm.
  1. Making friends who are in the Honors College is a major score. The dorms are gorgeous and if you make a friend who lives in these divine buildings on College Ave, they may just let you come chill and/or study in their lounges.
  1. Wearing a grey shirt to class when it’s a boiling 90 degrees outside is a bad idea… because you WILL sweat bullets, and it WILL be obvious.
  1. You will wait at least 30 minutes on the fat sandwich line, even on a Thursday night. Thursday night doesn’t even compare to Saturday night, in terms of how long the line for “RU Hungry?” is, but there are still tons of people waiting to get their grease truck fix. Definitely worth it, though. Being the herbivore that I am, I’d have to recommend the Veggie Fat Cat.
  1. It’s a smart move to make yourself known to your professors! Feel absolutely no shame in going up to your professor after class to introduce yourself. In lectures that can be as large at 500 students, they will 100% appreciate your desire to personally reach out to them. Making connections is important, even in the early stages of college; so, why not get to know the people that are kickstarting your path towards a degree?
  1. Ratemyprofessor.com is honestly not a reliable source. Due to this website, I was intimidated by my professors before I even met them! I actually ended up loving all of my profs and their teaching styles, so despite what ratemyprofessor may say, you should definitely take some time to form your own opinions. After all, should we really be taking advice from people who can’t even spell properly in their “reviews”?
  1. Having a card pocket on the back of your phone, and a safe place for your room key are absolutely essential. These are two things you really don’t want to lose. I have found it very convenient to have my RUID card attached to my phone case at all times, and my room key strung on a bracelet that I never take off my wrist. Replacing lost keys or cards can be a bit of a hassle, so make sure to keep track of them.

Thanks for reading! I’m sure I will be discovering and sharing more “lessons learned” after a few more weeks at the wonderful RU. Cheers!