Healthy Habits for College Students

Anyone ever tell you about the mythological creature called the freshman 15? It’s the idea that first-year college students gain 15 pounds due to unhealthy eating habits. Whether you’ve heard about it or not, believe me, a poor college diet never ends well. It’s pretty easy to lose track of what you eat while dealing with the many stresses of school. Here are a few small tips to help avoid the freshman 15 and feel energized for your everyday schedule.

My first tip, skip the vending machine chips and try better snack alternatives. It’s as simple as keeping quick snacks like protein bars, dried fruit, beef jerky, trail mix and yogurt. I myself take five classes a semester and work part time so this saves me lots of time.

Another great way to stay healthy is exercise! Rutgers offers free membership to its students on all campus recreational facilities. All facilities include group classes, swimming pool, free weights and outdoor facilities. Taking advantage of this free opportunity can keep you looking and feeling great. For more information check out:

Lastly, if you’re not the workout type, take a wrurecalk around campus. The walk will not only benefit your health but also encourages you to explore the many great sites the Rutgers campus has to offer.