The Life of a Freshman Before Classes Start

It’s no surprise that adapting to college life isn’t easy. You’re new to this establishment and since you’re now adults, you’ve got more responsibilities to take care of. Rutgers understands this and will make the transition smooth for everyone to get acquainted with college life. There are several events that take place at Rutgers so that everyone can have fun before the workload builds up.

Before you even move in, Rutgers hosts New Student Orientation so that way you’re familiar with what this institution has to offer. Also, you get to stay in a night, on your own. While it was greatly focused on all the people and events that take place during the school year, I still really enjoyed it. However, if you’re looking to find your way around each of the campuses, I’d suggest signing up for a walking tour.

After you move in, your deans will make sure you know what to expect out of learning in your respective school and major. For the remainder of the time, you’ll want to open your doors to new people living beside you and develop connections. This is your chance to get out of your comfort zone. Your Residence Assistants, or RA’s, may set up meetings for people in your floor to know what’s expected of you living here. Then comes the convocation, where all new students gather to be officially welcomed into Rutgers. It’s very helpful if you plan to attend the football games to know the traditions that take place. The carnivale follows shortly after. Once again, you’re just having fun with the people you’ve met at a chance to win prizes and eat free food.

The next day is RUThrowdown, where you get to compete against neighboring dorms for a chance to win even more prizes. (Seriously, if you don’t want to spend all that money, take advantage of all those opportunities!) Yet again, it’s fun to relax in the situation you’re currently in and show off some of your talents.

Finally comes the Fall Involvement Fair. This isn’t freshman exclusive, but it’s strongly recommended if you trying to find your place at Rutgers. College Ave will be packed full of the hundreds of clubs and organizations you can be a part of. That may seem like an intimidating amount, but it just means that there’s a club for everyone. It’s also a really nice way of making friends, by finding people who share the same interests as you.

So as you can see, the transition to Rutgers is made to be as smooth as it can be. You may still need time to adapt to everything, but as long as you’re having fun, everything will be fine. Enjoy being a Scarlet Knight!