Move-in Day Madness

Hi guys! I’m Leona Juan, and I’m a sophomore here at Rutgers! I transferred in from a fashion business school in New York City. I’m from a small town in northern New Jersey, but I now call College Avenue my home. Since this was the first time I have ever moved into a dorm (like most first-year students), I had no idea what to expect. After finally organizing all of my things into my cozy dorm, there were definitely some things I learned throughout the entire process.

  1. Do not overpack. This is probably already something obvious to many people, but definitely overpacking is a no! Of course, we all want to make our dorm feel like home and bring anything and everything we can, but there just is not enough space. By packing too many things, it will make the move-in process extremely long, as well as take up a lot of free space.
  2. Bed risers are your best friend. In a shared small space, you need all the help you can get. That’s where the bed risers come in. Placing bed risers make so much more space to store your things, as well making the beds look nice and high. These bed risers come with outlets in them, so everything you need to plug in will be in one convenient place!
  3.  Be willing to make compromises with your roommate. Whether you are living with your best friend since elementary school or someone you are meeting for the first time, you should be willing to make compromises. Having to share a space with someone may not be something that many people are used to, but always remember that you guys are in this together. Maybe you both want the right side of the room, or both want the left side of the closet. Being able to compromise will make living together much easier.
  4. Do not unpack everything at once. My roommate and I made this mistake. As I mentioned, the room will most likely be a small space. With both of your things coming out all at once, it will get very messy extremely fast. Doing things one by one will help unpacking run a lot more smoothly and avoid a huge pile up in the room.
  5. Make friends with others on your floor. Everyone is living together, so it would be nice to have some friendly faces around you. You never know when you need someone to open the door when you forgot your ID, or someone to eat lunch with when your roommate went home for the weekend. It’s always really awesome to be able to come home and have a bunch of people there for you.