New School Tips!

Hello to Rutgers with a big shout out to the Class of 2020! I am an incoming freshman and my name is Maria! I will be covering everything Rutgers from access to clubs and resources to my monthly favorites and dorm necessities. We all as freshman are either scared, or like myself, very eager for move-in day to come already. There are so many things coming our way and many of us don’t know where to start and that is where I come in to help guide you as a peer. Below are a couple of tips and tricks when moving in and starting your first weekend and week here at Rutgers (mind you I am a SEBS EOF student so I got to spend a wonderful summer on Cook as well as learn more about the school than I already knew)!

Tip #1: Complete ALL your mandatory new student education programs especially Not Anymore in order to receive your dorm room key on move-in day. If you do not complete all these education modules you will not be able to register for Spring 2017 courses so get on it! Deadline is TOMORROW!

Tip #2: Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to be living on your own. If you are living on campus, make sure you have enough of all the things you use on a daily basis to last you the semester. You will regret not stocking up on your favorite cologne, shampoo, or even body lotion. So to help make sure you are packed and ready to go, check off your list on the College Checklist app on the App Store!

Tip #3: It is time to leave home and we need to realize it’s for a reason. Being accepted into Rutgers is an achievement many high school students wish to fulfill. The next achievement we should all focus on is being accepted into a graduate school with a Rutgers degree. So do not visit home too often on the weekends because there will be a lot of studying to do (2 hours of studying for every 1 hour in class) and it’s also the best way to prevent being home sick (which is a reason why technology is so amazing to communicate through).

Tip #4: Look into your resources! There are many free services offered to us as Rutgers students. To start off, you have a designated student center on each campus which can help you find all the resources you are looking for so go in and do not hesitate to ask any questions! Then below I’ve put some helpful sites that may or may not be of great use to you!

Tip #5: Time yourself! It is one of the major keys you need to succeed here at Rutgers. Schedule and plan out your day around classes, homework, and work if you plan on working. Many of us will have longer days than others but you should always be on top of your academics regardless the lack of sleep; IF you do schedule your day accordingly you should be able to have a good nights rest and start all over!

That is it for now but I will be posting randomly and often! Let me know if some of these tips and websites helped you out via one of my social media accounts or email! Any questions or more tips you want please don’t hesitate to email me! Till next time, stay revolutionary!