A New Beginning

Hey guys! My name is Kimberly Celario, and I am an incoming freshman from Piscataway, NJ. I’ll be attending RU New Brunswick SAS and staying on campus in the Honors College.

Even though Rutgers is practically in my backyard, I’m both excited and very scared. Move in day is tomorrow, and I really don’t know what to expect. I remember high school was full of trials, all a part of my coming of age. However, some of these experiences still make me afraid; I doubt myself in achieving my goals, in being confident… I’ve shied away from too many opportunities, and this is something I’m determined to change once I’m on campus.

Also, right now, I don’t really know what to do with my future. I’m going into biological sciences, thinking about pursuing medical school, but I really don’t know. My parents pester me about becoming a doctor, and you could say I’m afraid of disappointing them. But my biggest fear is that I still won’t know what to do with myself later in life.

I’m hoping for a fresh start when I get to RU. I want to get involved, really pay attention in class, and talk to people. People may think I know what I’m doing, being from Piscataway or being in the Honors College. Truthfully, I’m just as lost as many other freshman and hoping that I’ll figure life out along my journey. I’m determined to make the best of my stay, and I can’t wait for this new beginning.

Here’s to my class of 2020~