Surviving the First days at Rutgers

Its the first few days at college,  you’re adjusting to living on your own, trying to build a relationship with your roommate, trying not to get lost on campus, meeting new people and to add to that you’re an international student so you are battling jet lag, missing your home county and trying to adjust to life in the US.

Everything seems overwhelming,  you’re trying to sort it out and at the same time maintain the excitement of starting college. Here are a few tips to keep yourself above the water.

  • Be Organized- I’m not the most organized person but this has helped me greatly. There are many activities setup for this week and to be honest you want to go for most but they just seem to clash. Don’t worry; use your calendar. Input all the different events you have to attend across the week and luckily all the events take place at least two times so if you miss the first you could attend the other. SET UP ALARMS so you don’t miss any the activities.
  • Talk to other Students – There are literally thousands of other people who are going through this process with you and making some friends will not only give you company but also they may know understand aspects of this orientation and the school that you are yet to figure out.
  • Communicate wit h your RA’S- They are here to help and have been in the school  for at least a year before you. They know where buildings are located, the best places to go shopping or just general advice on life at Rutgers. This does’t only apply for this first week but also throughout the year.
  • Call your family, friends or people back home- This will help to keep you grounded and also talking to someone back home might be just what you need in a new or stressful situation.
  • Try new things and HAVE FUN- This is one of the most important. There are so many activities open to us this week. You can take a fitness class (P.S Zumba today was amazing ), go for a welcome event or a social ( free food especially as the dining halls aren’t open) etc. There are so many things to do ( its also a way of meeting new people).

Those are my tips for surviving the first few days of college. So have fun and enjoy the first week of the newest  chapter in your life.