How To Conquer Move-In Day

With move in day right around the corner for the majority of students, us Rutgers freshman are feeling an abundance of emotions. Whether it is nerves, excitement, anxiety, or a combination of all three – have no fear! Here are some tips to make the experience painless and fun.

1. Enjoy spending the day with your family.

Chances are you won’t be seeing your family for a month or maybe even more after they move you in, so enjoy these little moments with them and let them help you set up your dorm! Although it may be hard to say goodbye to them at the end of the day, they are without a doubt proud to see how far you’ve come.

2. Introduce yourself to people in your hall.

Yes, the thought of making new friends can certainly be nerve-wracking, but try to be outgoing and kind to those who are living by you! You never know who you can meet.

3. Stay calm!

Relish in the comfort that there are over 8,000 other incoming freshman going through the same thing as you; you are not alone! It may seem strange to be finally starting college, but you got this.

4. Go to the school’s planned activities for freshman.

Whether it is the carnival after convocation, or the involvement fair on College Ave, attend at least some of the events Rutgers has planned! They are a great way to meet friends and get involved on campus.

Get ready, Scarlet Knights! We’ve got a great year ahead.