Class of 2020 Get Ready!

For a lot of you students summer is officially over. Your move in day had come and it’s time to get ready for the upcoming hurdles Rutgers life will throw at you. Hopefully, you all went to the very exciting and informing New Student Orientation where you not only make new friends with various Freshman students such as yourselves but also bond with current Rutgers students like your assigned Orientation Leaders. Other experiences and benefits in addition to that included spending one night in Livingston Campus famed apartments, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the campus’s dining hall—the kitchen staff really put in that work on the stove—go through several eye-opening presentations, travel around each campus, and more.

I’ll admit after a tiring day of touring Livingston Campus and viewing presentations on campus life and health, the Game Show was admittedly a fun experience. A night of testing our Scarlet Knight knowledge had guest starred opposing students from TCNJ, Princeton, and William Paterson (haha, that Tuck!). Of course, Scarlet Knights won and afterwards we danced, did a little karaoke and arts and craft, played Jenga, and overall socialized. A completely fun and exhausting day.

The next day we received advice on how to use social media to brand ourselves and give a positive picture of who we really are. Then, it was my groups time to tour of College Ave. We saw the calm before the storm of the roaring campus and it was honestly lovely. Those of you who are living on College Ave would find it very convenient that Barnes and Noble is stationed there right near New Brunswick train station and other stores and offices can be found within about a one mile radius. We were also told about plenty of spots such as the RAC—shh, do what you will with this information but you never heard it from me—that are not used as often as they should and, contradicting it’s original purpose, can serve as a nice, quiet study space.

NSO was certainly a lump of good advice, tips, and rumor-busting information to swallow. The free stuff is freshmen student received from the mini involvement fair and other places were nice little bonuses, too. It all made coming to Rutgers wonderful and exciting. There are so many clubs to get involved in and so many interesting classes you’ll want to take. The possibilities are endless and it seems like there are no bounds to the number of clubs, community services, and events you can open yourself to.

Thus, with that being said, Class of 2020 get ready! Even if you missed out on the New Student Orientation, the fun does not end there. Rutgers is here for four whole years, if not more, and you have bother the time and freedom to experience all it has to offer.