The Rutgerian Chronicles – Great American Dream 

The longest day in my life, a journey from across the globe, that I earned it brought chills of excitement about the place I always wanted to be in. Apart from the immigration process, the landing at JFK, traveling to the Garden state and arriving in the peaceful beauty of Springfield made an overwhelming statement in mentally, physically and spiritually. As I am staying with my cousin here, someone you know well, someone who supports you a lot and someone because of whom my initial setting up in USA was at ease. Really, family or friends, who you know prior to coming to US, helps you a lot to get acquainted with the culture, mental and emotional transition.

On the first day itself, I made a tour to the birthplace of college football. From Downtown New Brunswick to the Allison road classrooms, from B&N to Tacoria, the university’s campuses are huge, the buildings are splendidly built and the college settings on the shores of Raritan are perfect blend of Historic (Hogwarts-kind) and Modern architecture. I am really proud of my decision to be a Scarlet Knight.