Benefits of New Student Orientation


You’re new to Rutgers, the semester is about to begin and you have no idea where to start. You are probably thinking it is tough enough getting your class schedule together and figuring out the campus areas, but with a school as large as Rutgers you can bet there is a lot more to learn. As a student myself I can tell you Rutgers offers the tools for success. What is that you ask? The new student orientation!

For new incoming students a full day orientation might not be at the top of the fun list, but I can assure you it is well worth it. During the orientation, four things stood out to me, and thanks to these tips I began my semester as smoothly as I had hoped.

1. Web Navigation Tutorial

I couldn’t be happier to have had this lesson taught to me early on. Navigating the Rutgers website for financial aid, class schedules and degree audits is no easy task. I don’t think I could have fully understood what I was looking at nor what I was looking for without the helpful tips of the staff. Learning to navigate through the website is a helpful tool for a great start to the semester.

2. Majors

When applying to Rutgers more than likely you applied with a major in mind. I myself applied as a Communications major, so you could imagine my shock when it was revealed that no new student is enrolled in a major program of their choosing. All new students begin as undecided and will later have an opportunity to apply for their majors. Learning how to go about choosing a major is key information.

3. SAS Core Curriculum Exemption

All new and transfer students without an Associates degree are required to meet Rutgers SAS Core curriculum. SAS Core is basically a curriculum made up of math, science, English and other similar classes. For those of us coming in with our Associate’s degree, it can be a little tricky to figure out whether we are eligible for exemption. During the orientation, the dean makes it quite clear what requirements need to be met in order to achieve exemption. This is a great help for those whose degrees have not transferred over yet. It was good to know whether I would need core classes or be exempt right from the beginning.

4. Residential Living

If you are a student looking to live on campus there is a lot of information available to you on this day. During orientation, there are a few speakers from the campus resident halls. They take their time to answer all student questions, give a description of the student community and provide applications. I left with a new knowledge of what the different campus housing had to offer me and what they expected from me in return.

So don’t fret over new beginnings, embrace them. Take full advantage of the Rutgers new student orientation and look forward to the start of a fantastic school year!