Summer at Rutgers!

IMG_6086.JPGHey guys! I’m Melissa, majoring in Communications, and I’ll be a senior in the fall! I know I’m getting old… Don’t remind me. Anyway, when summer comes around, most college kids pack up all their stuff and head home for the short few months we have off! Even if you live 5 minutes down the road (like I do), summer is still a time for most kids to enjoy a little break. BUT, you also have the few stragglers who decide to stay on campus for summer, and I just so happen to be one of them! Personally, being on campus all year long is really something I enjoy. I love being in New Brunswick, and I also enjoy having the responsibility of living on my own.

I know most students probably wonder what being on campus in the summer is even like. Well, it’s a lot easier to find a seat on the bus that’s for sure! Less students, and more free time. I really, really recommend people to take summer classes. Summer session may seem like a drag, but extra classes can help shorten your work load during the school year, help to finish your degree faster, and you even might meet new friends in your classes who you might happen to create awesome bonds with! You never know who or what you’ll run into. Refer to a recent blog post ‘Tips for Summer Courses’ if you’re deciding on whether or not to take a summer class.

*If you do happen to be staying on campus this summer, it might be a good idea to even get a job! There are tons of restaurants and places in New Brunswick and close by Rutgers that are looking to hire for the summer. It’s always nice to have some extra spending money!*

If you were wondering… there actually is a lot of fun stuff to do in the summer even though it seems pretty empty here. Rutgers holds a free movie night every Tuesday in the Cinema on Livingston campus which is super cool to do with friends. You have to register to attend, and when you show up they give you a free drink and popcorn too! Any time I hear the words free food.. I’m there. Since the train station is close by you can even take a ride to NYC, Philly, or anywhere to visit some really cool places. Visit museums, or even hang out in Central Park for the day! Whether you’re staying on campus just to hang out, or because you’re taking a summer class or working a job, you’ll find yourself having a lot of free time! On campus there’s a lot of places to eat outside and enjoy the scenery . Take the time to read a book on a blanket in Voorhees Mall, or study for that upcoming exam; take the time to get to know Rutgers!

It’s crazy to think that I will be a senior in the fall. I can’t believe that I have to be thinking about graduation. That truly scares me – but completely excites for me what’s to come in my future. I remember like it was yesterday moving into my freshman dorm room! Looking back I find myself wishing I could live in Stonier Hall room 212 forever. So many memories were made and friendships created that will last me a life time. Incoming class of 2020 you guys are so very lucky! Take advantage of EVERY opportunity you are offered at Rutgers. There are so many amazing things to be a part of and get involved in. Study hard and do everything you possibly can in college: you will never get this time and these priceless years back. I would do anything to relive my college years all over again, so I will be vicariously living through all of you. Welcome to the best 4 years of your lives!!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding anything college-related! I am here to help 🙂


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