Join a Club! (Or Organization)

If you’re looking to meet new friends, learn a skill, or help people — or if you just need something to do once a week after school — I highly recommend that you join a club. Admittedly, I’m biased because I’m the president of one, but I think my point stands.  Look at this thing:

This video was made by my club of choice: The Rutgers Animation Club! And I’m not just shamelessly self-promoting here. The reason I’m showing this cartoon is because most of the people who worked on it had never animated before in their life. They learned most, if not all of their animation skills through the club, and over the course of an academic year, designed characters and locations, and turned a script into storyboards, and then into finished animation. The video was finished and officially released a few days ago, and I’m still reeling over how much went into it, and how proud I am of everyone involved.

My point is, this is an example of students coming together, and using a club’s resources to learn and create something. And (obviously) it doesn’t have to be animation! There are clubs for fine and performing arts, sports, gaming, philanthropy, and political activism, just to name a few subjects. There are even clubs related to careers and academics, for those who want to meet people with the same career goals or majors. Just to get an idea of everything that’s offered, check out the list of organization categories, which be found here.

If you’re interested in joining a student organization or club, you can search for your own interests in the top-right corner of this page. Whatever you’re passionate about, it’s very likely that Rutgers has a club for it. If not, you can organize ten people and form one yourself (guidelines are here and here).

So in conclusion, at least give one club or organization a chance. I was highly apprehensive at first, and now my only regret is waiting so long to finally join the club that I chose. Worst case scenario: you don’t like it and you never have to do it again. Best case: you meet some great new friends and help accomplish something big.