You, Trees, and Change

I cannot help but become reflective around this time of year; there is something about the month of April that brings about change. The change of season, perhaps, gives students on campus hope of a warmer walk to class. The impending period of finals mixes with the carefree mid-semester atmosphere. I realize though, that the reason the month of April feels momentous, is because it is both the end and the beginning of something big.

Admitted students day was held this past weekend, a drab and gloomy day that was still somehow brightened by the faces of eager parents and prospective students. As I walked students around the Engineering wing, I remembered taking these exact steps one year ago….seeing these exact rooms and exploring this very equipment. So this is what it feels like to be on the other side, I thought. Among many seemingly amazing students that day, one in particular caught my eye. This girl was me. She was eager and restless, with wide eyes as we walked through the engineering quad. She knew what she wanted, but didn’t necessarily know how she would get it. She asked the same questions I’d asked, she balked at the same things I’d once balked at, and she was sure that this was the place for her.

Meeting this girl was a reminder of the change that is occurring, and the cycle that will continue. There is nothing that compares to the spirit of students sharing their love and experiences with others. The change that is happening as you read this, an amazing class graduating while an amazing class enters, is one that is necessary for this spirit and joy to continue. No matter where you are in your college life, whether you are an alumnus, a senior, a first-year, or a prospective student, you are important to the change. You have and will forever alter the history of this university. So remember that when you feel that your college days are long over or that this class you’re taking is the bane of your existence. Remember that change isn’t just the trees blooming on Busch, change is you.