Tips for Summer Courses

“Summer courses”, a phrase that brings the strongest to their knees. Don’t we suffer enough with classes during the year? Everyone deserves a break, and for most of us, a true break is summer.

However, our number one goal is to graduate, so as much as we feel our summer fun is being deprived from us, sometimes summer classes are necessary. But, we can at least be smart about it.

Here are some tips about taking summer classes:

  1. Don’t take hard classes:

Summer classes are regular classes condensed into approximately half the amount of time. This means that you have half the amount of time to study and make connections with the material. Additionally, there are less resources available in the summer, including less friends to help you and less tutors on campus.


  1. Don’t take long, boring classes:No one wants to waste away their summer on material that they couldn’t care less about, with a teacher preaching material that they themselves could probably care less about. At least during the year those classes are spaced out. Don’t feel like you need to bombard yourself over the summer.Cats-is-bored_o_120706


  2. Take easy GPA boosters or online classes:                                                                               One of my previous posts highlighted some of the easier courses at Rutgers, however there are plenty more. If you want to raise your GPA with minimal work, and maybe not even having to be at Rutgers (online classes), definitely take one, or even two! tooeasygrumpy